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Steps to Register:

Complete the registration form below to pre-register. We need the names of everyone who will be attending National Day.

The costs are as follows:

Patroller - wear your patrol parka.
Guests - anyone over 12 years of age.
(12 years and under register for free).
Discount Lift Tickets - anyone over 5 years of age. Patrollers "wear your parka and ski for free!". $16

At the end of the registration process you will have two options for payment.
You can pay by mailing a check or pay online using a credit card via PayPal.


Please enter the Names of everyone you are registering.
(please seperate all names with a comma - John Smith, Jane Doe)


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$20 registration fee.....

Please enter all Children names (12 and under)
Children do not pay the $20 registration fee.

Lift Tickets ($16) are required by all guests
and children over 5 years of age.  Enter the
total number of lift tickets needed.....


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To learn more about National Day
please follow the links provided below
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